The Rock 'em Hard Museum contains a collection of valuable artifacts collected over the years. Got anything that belongs here? Send it over to!

- Cartoon art
- Clan websites
- Demorecs
- Dessloch's Book of Records

Clan websites


dP (digital Prophets)
Classy site, like from real prophets... where did it go? But hey, at least the dP forum still exists!


THC (TetraHydroCannabinol)
Site by belgian waffles rests in peace on until 2019. Sadly so, the THC forum has been hijacked!


tlgm (the little green microbes)
This piece of DNA is all there is left from the microbes...


The site of the weeeeeeee clan is online like we still were in the year 2003... fools!


Running with Scissors
Those cutting edge jokesters of the [RwS] clan is still online. What an original interface!

Stunts and tricks

4 on pole
This cute trick was succesfully executed by the THC clan on October 13, 2001


Tower 1 jump
s3miOtic was the first known player to jump around the lowest tower, starting with a dodge towards the jumppad and landing back on the same spot.


Tower 2 jump
s3miOtic later also managed to jump around the middle tower on December 6, 2001. Get the movie here.


Tower 3 jump
Nope, has never been done. You could be first.


Cassalove by DJ Cassa aka Blue Angel
Infamous recording by Blue Angel sharing his universal lub with the community.


Original Rock'em Hard flash intro
Our one and only flash intro for the REH site... what a gem!

Cartoon art

Archon Adventures
Handmade cartoon by Clalan which appeared in WUUT 16 (Jul 19th, 2002)

Zappy New Year
Photoshop cartoon by s3miOtic which appeared in WUUT-ME 76 (Dec 31st, 2003)

Ancient Aliens and HTML

Oldest known picture of our first site. Another quality s3mi0tic production!