server news
tlgm server now online:
site news
i cleaned out the members page and added a new newsflash :)
clan news
because of the recent events it got kinda posponed... but we cant deny it anymore: (tlgm) is one year old! i made a little roundup of what we have achieved since we came to existence halfway january last year:

total number of wars: 22
wars won: 8
wars lost: 14
total number of rounds: 51
rounds won: 19
rounds lost: 32
total number of frags (DM and CTF): 8240
frags made: 3843
frags received: 4397
total number of caps: 185
caps made: 64
caps received: 121
site news
w00t w00t! i updated the site. well, i didnt do all the updates, but at least some :p
due to being goddamn popular, the gossip section is back in the house. and the first one is a good one. on the 7th of febuary (tlgm) played against [OMC]. normally archon and dipshit are on masterfull, yet this time they were on experienced! the admin that day was [THC]s3miOtic who is, as we all know, not a stranger to (tlgm)Clalan. i dont want to suggest anything *kuch* bribed *kuch*... stay tuned for more gossip :p
site news
update! i finally took the time to add the reports of the last 3 wars (TIN, NoD and iS). could it be that i'm not lazy anymore.... nah!
site news
due to technical difficulties with the pandora webhosting server the tlgm site was down for about 48 hours. but now we're back on track!
i updated the warpage with the info on UA. and if u take a look at the members page u'll find a new member: (tlgm)impact. he's ex-smiley and brings along a lot of morph rocket and insta CTF experience!
site news
a new messageboard! yep, we finally said bye bye to proboards. they had solved their down-time problem, but now admins were unable to edit their boards. s3mi and RH had already tested a few new boards, but we are first to switch. boards2go is in many ways similar to proboards... threaded replies and a custom look. hope this board wont start freakin out in a few months :)
clan news
tlgms first victory! indeed, we have beaten /Y/S/ in a Real Weapon CTF game. you can find a detailed report in the wars section.
site news
yesterday we insta-battled NN. you can read everything about it on the wars page!
demo tourney news
the UTdemo CTF tourney has kicked off! to represent (tlgm), clalan and darkpanther have entered the competition.
Dark is in Bladerunners team and they have to fight against the teams of IJustKilledU, DaNuchiNader and CMURDER. they lost their first battle against IJust :(
I am in Yins team and we have to fight against Kamikaze, Grimreaper, The Carini. We started off yesterday against Grim and won! aldo it was pretty messy (none of us knew what to do :)) BlackMane and Saito kicked ass and gave us a double victory (5-3 and 5-1). i just tried to run in front of the enemy to slow em down! by doin that i even made a capture! muahaha. we are goin to practice a little so we are more organized next time.
clan news
dont be alarmed by this news message! i know this burst of activity is very unlike me, mr Lazy, but i'm sure it will only be of short duration. i can already feel it fading away...
but anyway, just to mention that we lost one of our members flyingdutchman. (actually we lost him about a month ago but i was to lazy to post it :) and we also got a new member! (tlgm)Citroen_BX will be a nice addition to our DM forces.
clan news
kicked out the inactive members: snow_crash, harades, psycoholic and peacemaker. and in the mean time we got two new members! MisterNerd on DeathMatch and KillerKitty on CTF. MisterNerd joined tlgm the day he downloaded the demo, so he can really use some tips :)
servi blew up his CPU while overclocking, thats why he hasnt been online for 2 months. but he'll be back with a duron 750 soon.
clan news
another day, another war :) this one was against /Y/S/, the real weapon specialists... as planned we got our ass kicked :) me and correan fought hard and lost equally hard! well, check the war page for all the dirt.
and tomorrow yet another war! regular CTF against utd. server prolly REH, time still unsure (the usual stuff :)
and we can be proud since (tlgm)shogun_NL has been at the top of the skynet fph list for about 2 weeks. with 220 fph he holds a 3 fph lead to the 2nd. the first real opponent is agent_007(GE) on 6th place.
clan news
wooha! nice war against mKc. you can read all about it in the wars section.
and... my exams are over! since i got a lot of time now, i'm gonna clean out this site, and clean out tlgm :) yup, all of you that havent played UT in the past 2 months can expect an icq message to check if u are still interested in tlgm and UT. if you're not, then u'll get da booth :)
clan news
added some info about the training war against GE on the warpage... go check it our!
clan news
been a long time since we had some news... but now we've got a new member: (tlgm)fundooz. that's all the news i have, but i'm just typing some stuff to make it seem like we have lots of news... yeah i know, i suck :)
site news
updated the war page with the tlgm - smiley info.
clan news
we just fought against smiley. since snow_crash has somehow disapeared of the face of the earth, <^>Ice(ube<^> (now know as <^>(orrean<^>) replaced him. a brave thing correan did, since he never plays morph and had a ping of 350 :). so all this resulted in a smiley victory (30 - 12, 30 - 21). i'll add more info later.
clan news
next sunday at 3pm eastern DMD will be fighting a 2 vs 2 against smiley. check the warpage for more info.
we also got another new member... (tlgm)Shogun_(nl).
clan news
we lost the war against NN, not really a surprise... since it was our first war. aldo NN played with 3 players against 5, they had an easy victory (5 - 1; 5 - 1). you can find more info, screenshots of the scores and a war report on the warpage.
tourney news
and the winner is... cat. not surprised heh?... well, the semi-finals and final were recorded and will be available from the REH site soon. until then, take a look at the results and reports (here).
site news
if you manage to turn your eyeballs a little to the left, you'll notice a new button in the menu (msg board). and the most intelligent among you have probably figured out by now that this is a messageboard! people kept asking me about a msgboard, so i took some time to arrange that. now go over there and post some rubbish!
clan news
we've almost got a complete team to compete against =NN=. But since harades aint sure he'll make it, we could use some spares. So all deathmatchers, if you think you have got IT (it being CTF skill :) just contact me or SG.