Author: cgul(weeeeeeee)
Release date: Sep 1st, 2005

WUUT-XP The X-treme Predjudice Edition
This WUUT-XP has been extruded especially for you from the finest buttholes found this side of the tower ( We aren't what side that really is but that is what it said on the fine print of the label that was attached to the paper that we got from the FABS store, with which we printed the original version of this WUUT to do some of the spell checking and such, then sucked it back into the computer and then posted on this fine electronic wasteland).

* The scoop on BettyBoop
Last edition we talked about how you could hire a BettyBoop[tm] bot to help you out. Well I have been using the BettyBoop[tm] bot model version 3.4 for 3 years now and well. I like it so much I bought the company.

We now offer BettyBoop[tm] models in a wide range of varieties now to help out with pretty much all that you can imagine. Well for some of you there are limits to your imagination that even BettyBoop[tm] can't stoop to. Bad mind, bad!

To order: Please call 555-1212 and have your Visa or Mastercard ready. If you order now you can get an additional BettyBoop[tm] bot for just $40 more!!! Plus $4000 shipping and handling! Call NOW!!!

(Editor's note: She now comes in 6 apple scented smells!!)

* What's New In UT?
Well if you notice in the title the question mark at the end. I have no fraggin clue what is new in UT these days. My only computer that was fast enough to play UT died over a year ago, and I haven't been able to convince my bankers to shell out cash to buy a respectable computer and play this mildly addictive game.

So basically (like I have always done) I will just make up crap and write it down and pretend that it is moderately amusing.

Once upon a time there was an.....nah this story sucks already. So there I was sitting on the top of tower two, looking down and the collection of Newbs roaming around, and taking some lovely little guided shots at them every once and a while and got board so I left. Ah Crap this story is boring as well. What fun do people have in the game anyway? Do people still like playing it? How was the get together tonight? Please let me know! I will report on it. Send me a private message if you dare.

I am going to try and get back into this slowly. I don't have my hopes up however......I still am machineless. Donations for a new computer for me, can be sent to me! I promise I won't aim well if you make a donation. I will just shoot over your head and mostly miss!



September 1st! Yayayay now that is real. Wooohoo.

But on a more serious note. Please help the people of New Orleans by visiting the redcross.org site and making a donation.

Thank you.

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*** Disclaimer: Most, if not all of this is a complete fabrication of very strange minds.
** Thanks this week to: the child labour at the new ReH Servers, and a can of spray ham!
* WUUT appreciates the space alotted to it by Rockemhard and the people associated with Rockemhard Inc.