Author: cgul(weeeeeeee)
Release date: Feb 15th, 2004

WUUT-XP The X-treme Predjudice Edition
This WUUT has been extruded especially for you from the finest electronic plastic money can buy.

* F\/CK THIS AND C[]CK THAT :: This is a public service message to any of those people out there who will listen to a washed up birdy. Get along! It seems that the community is getting pretty snipey about things. I can't believe how nasty people are to one another on the message board. So get a long or I will have to take the restraints off of the noob-eater and let him loose on the not-so-noobs. So if you happen to see a large furry creature with purple eye-shadow, and making noise, like fingernails on a chalkboard, run like hell and know that you should be more thoughful when you are behaving in this community.

* CATALYST Reveals his secrets to success in UT and in eXtreme weight-loss. In an unprecedented move in UT communities, Catalyst releases his autobiography detailing his youth as a "Pay-Day" bar addict, his rise to stardom on the playgrounds in harlem playing basketball, and then after his debilitating sno-cone accident, how he rose to become an icon in the UT community. We won't spoil the ending but it is definitely a good read.

Copies will be going on sale at the Food Ammo And Baby Supply store the wednesday before the TOR 4. Catalyst will be there signing the first 7.8 copies of the book. He also wanted to let you know that he has offered to make out with the first four women that show up for a copy of the book. He wants to prove that he is better with the ladies than Cassanova is.

* lil Dragon was spotted outside of tower 3 tampering with the gravity generating devices. Rock'em hard Inc. has sent out maintenance staff to check out the disturbance and have found that one of the gravity generators has to be replaced as Lil Dragon allegedly stuck a grilled cheese sandwich in to the food slot in the Mr. Fusion device attached to it.

Rockemhard Inc. wants to warn players that gravity in the aft dorsal section of the tower may be a little unpredictable for a couple of weeks until the highly trained technicians get a chance to replace the parts that are currently on backorder.

* MISSING!!!! :: The chain gang leader of the child labour at REH has gone missing. Rockhard is distraught about this as he now has to cook his own bacon and eggs in the morning and was his own collection of crap-stained thongs. There is a reward for finding Jacko. He looks like this:
If you see him approach with caution, bring pampers, and speak slowly in baby talk. Consider him armed and smelly!

** WUUT BACK? :: Who knows if the WUUT is really back. It appears that the charges against cgul have been dropped for the moment. He is still in custody for attempting kidnap Dick Rutan. The WUUT offices have been protected against cgul, as the don't want to be implicated with his devious plots. If you see cgul shoot first and ask questions later. As for the WUUT it may pop on the scene now and then. WUUT-ME did such a good job, that WUUT-XP was the only logical evolution of the WUUT.


Valentines day. Buy chocolate, give to a loved one.

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*** Disclaimer: Most, if not all of this is a complete fabrication of very strange minds.
** Thanks this week to: the child labour at the new ReH Servers, and a bag of cheese puffs!
* WUUT appreciates the space alotted to it by Rockemhard and the people associated with Rockemhard Inc.