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 Post subject: TOR IV Rules
PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2004 6:27 pm 

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I stole this from the old forum so it may need modified more then I have already.

Rules of the TOR-4

The TOR will be held on the REH servers. Mutators that are not need for the TOR will be disabled. Everyone should play there at least once before the TOR so you become familiar with your ping. The matches will be password protected to ensure that others do not log in while the match is occurring.

Players that do not show up for their respective match times are disqualified and match goes to a reserve player if one is available. There is not much time to be late due to the tight schedules... 5 minutes at the most. If a match starts with the originally scheduled players, reserve players will not be used, even if the scheduled player disconnects. If he/she disconnects, they forfeit and the match goes to the opponent. Likewise if the reserve player disconnects, they forfeit. There will be no "re-do" of matches *unless* the REH server takes a shit for some reason.

You will be notified of your playing time before the TOR is to occur. If you have only certain times in which you can play, those must be addressed when you sign up so that the match coordinator can organize appropriately.

While it is *extremely* recommended that you have ICQ to participate in the TOR, it is not required. If you do not have ICQ, you must provide RockHard with an email address. He will email you your start time, but it is at that point your responsibility to remember the match. Only those on ICQ will get a reminder that their match is approaching.

Due to the fact that the TOR is a bracketed system, it can only work if done with 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 players. I don't know what the participation level is going to be so if we get more than 16 players, but not 32, players 17-31 are eligible to be reserve players (or we'll fill it up with bots if we are close to the next bracket level). The way reserve players work is in the event a player does not show up for his/her scheduled match, you are entitled to play in his/her place. Reserves are selected in the order they signed up. If the TOR is only 16 players and someone does not show, then player 17 will be contacted first and so on.

Players will paired purely at random. Like names in a hat.

All times are in EST

I am planning on two matches per hour. That give plenty of time to gather the next players and time for people to get settled in. A slight warmup and then the admin will throw the switch and the match will be restarted with even scores and 15 minutes on the clock.

If time expires and there is a tie, sudden death will take place and the players will continue to fight until UT declares a winner.

There will be at least two admins on a given match taking demorecs and making sure everything is on the up and up. They are not there to chat, just observe. Feel free to demorec your own match if you please. Demorecs will be available at the ReH store for a slight fee.

Here are the configs for the tourney

1 V 1
Time limit: 15 min
Frags to win: 20
Map: Morpheus
Speed: 150
Air Control: 35%
Mutators: CSHP1c, Low-Gravity, Rocket Arena, No Power-ups

2 V 2
Time limit: 15 min
Frags to win: 30
Map: Morpheus
Speed: 150
Air Control: 35%
Mutators: CSHP1c, Low-Gravity, Rocket Arena, No Power-ups

As always open for discussion.


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